Android Trick: How to download apk file of android application from Google play store???

இதை பற்றி தமிழில் வாசிக்க


Well, Today I will explain how to download apk file from google play store. While we are surfing the play store we wish to download lot of apps from play store. But, unfortunately due restriction in our DATA plan or due to slow mobile internet connection, It will become quickly boring.

So, We wish to download apk file of the particular app. But, google play store does not allow people to download apps or apk file via PC/Laptop. Now, we stuck here…Don’t worry now we have a cool idea to download any apk file from google play store.

For this we need this software Real APK Leecher.

You can get it from here for free:


Download this zip file and extract it.

Now, You can find this icon, click to open it.

To use this tool, you need to enter your google account and Device ID.

To get your Device ID, just simply open dial pad, press *#*#8255#*#*.

If it opens “GTalk Service Monitor”, find the lines that begin with JID and Device ID. Your account is JID, and your device id is a string that after android- prefix.

  – This tool request Java Runtime Environment  (JRE) or JDK.
 – Do not delete “lib” folder.

By using your android device id and google account in two devices ( phone and PC), it was against Google policy. So, there is the  possibility of  blocking  your google account by  google.

For this I have a solution. Instant of giving your android mobile device id. Please follow  this procedure

First download  Bluestack

downloadBlueStacks Help Forum

[It is app player which runs android application on windows]

Now Install Bluestacks on your PC( இதை பற்றி தமிழில் மேலும் அறிய இங்கு கிளிக் செய்க )

Now download this android app from app store Device ID  in your PC. (Please use the separate mail id to login to google play store for your bluestacks ).

Cover artid

By open this app you can find a Device ID.

Now use this device id and login detail (used in google play store in Blustacks ) in Real APK Leecher

That’s it…….

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