Free Start menu for windows 8 serious

StartMenu8-580-90As we think that windows 8.1 bring start menu back. But, it does not bring classic start menu to the windows. This is a big disappointment for us. Even though we have some small apps to bring start button back to windows 8. Here I just show some of the software which brings start back.

Iobit start menu 8:

This is quit cool start menu from Iobit. Which really brings original start menu to windows 8. Some highlight points about this software is

  • Easily Switch between Metro and Desktop Interface
  • Faster Access to Programs and Files
  • Customizable, Easy, and FREE to Use

You can also access metro interface

This is a cool app to try…


Pokki – Windows 8 Start menu:

The simple description of this software is a MODERN START MENU. Yes, definitely it provides a new type of start menu for windows. People who wish to try something new, then this is for them.


And also it provides mobile-like app experience on your PC with a lot of free apps (Facebook , Angry Birds…)


Classic Start 8

Classic Start 8 is a free application which adds a traditional-style start button to the Windows® 8 desktop taskbar. With full functionality just like in Windows® 7, Classic Start 8 brings back all the familiar features of a traditional start menu in Windows® 8, including quick access to the search box, control panel, documents, all programs and more!


Classic Shell

  • Highly customizable start menu with multiple styles and skins
  • Start button for  Windows 8
  • Toolbar and status bar for Windows Explorer
  • Caption and status bar for Internet Explorer

It brings old style start menu for you

Classic Shell

ViStart 8

Windows Start menu for windows 8

It’s also a good alternative to start menu. It brings search, run etc. It also has more themes to customize. Themers now have complete control of the start menu giving them the power to customize all elements within ViStart


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