How to share broadband connection to phone through virtual Wi-Fi


In this post I just show you how to connect your mobile to the internet through broadband connection in your laptop. This is may quit old thing, but most of us got error while connected through broadband (Ie. BSNL broadband connection). Here I just explain some common solution which will help you to connect your mobile.

While we use Smartphone it require a data connection to download apps, offline map etc… Which has large data to download. This will be very irritating for us while we use limited data package in our mobile phone. It`s not possible to download all those files in PC and transfer it to mobile phone. Because some files need to download directly to our phone. If you’re in that type of situation ,then this post will really help you. In this trick we don’t require any additional wifi router. We just utilize inbuilt wifi in our laptop.
For this trick we require some additional software to do so. There are numerous software are available in the market to do this thing. But I always prefer freeware. So, I recommend mHotspot to do the trick. It is available in internet for free of cost.

Download mHotspot here:


Before going to software , you need to do some primary work.

Make your broadband connection as shared one:

  • Go to control panel–>Network and Sharing centre
  • Find your broadband connection there,
  • Click on it.
  • Now a box open, in it click  properties–>sharing
  • Check box on, Allow other  network user connect through this computer`s internet connection
  • Click ok


Now open mHotspot,

  1. In Hotspot name : Put any name you wise
  2. Password: type your password you wish to use
  3. Share from: Broadband connection (you cannot get this if you aren’t doing the above mention      step)
  4. Click start hotspot.

That`s it. Now you can successfully setup virtual wifi.
Open your phone wifi connection–>search and find your wifi–>put your password what you set above set, now your mobile can connect to the internet.

Common problem may occur:

Sometime all those things are going good. Even it connects to your phone. But, you may find, phone doesn’t connect to the internet. Don’t worry we have a solution for this problem. This mainly occurs due to third party antivirus firewall setting. Because, antivirus firewall may thing that mHotspot as  a virus. So, it prevents to share your internet connection. It can be easily eliminated by stop your antivirus firewall system for some time until you use the internet or otherwise add mHotspot as an excluded list, so that it will not prevent internet sharing.

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