An introduction to free online courses


தமிழில் படிக்க: இணையத்தில் இலவசமாக கற்கலாம் வாங்க!

A numeric number world famous universities offer for online course for all. Don`t think that studying the course is boring one. These are as simple as watching video clips on YouTube. I already said that these courses are provided by famous universities ((Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, MIT University, University of California, Boston University, BRITISH COUNCIL, IIT Bombay etc.) and international organizations (Linux foundation, Microsoft etc.), so you can enjoy rich studying experience.

You can study whatever you want. There is no restriction. Some website provide a course certificate while complete the course successfully. There are various courses [Computer Science and Technology, Finance and Economics, Science and Medicine, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Classics, and Humanities, Law…] are available, which are taught in colleges.
The beautiful thing about taking classes online is that you can pick and choose the classes you want to attend, skip lectures and come back to them later(in some cases – some classes require your regular attendance and participation!), and do examinations and quizzes on your own time. You can load up with as many classes as you choose, or take a light course load and come back to some of the classes you meant to take at another time that’s more convenient for you.

Ok, let us see some website which provides this service.

It is one of the leading websites which provide free online course. Edx also provide certificate while you complete the course successfully. It provides two types of certificate one is self-audit (free) and another one is Express (need to pay some money). In express certificate they will verify your identity and put the serial number for further validation. But there is no different from studying experience.

TED contain lot educational videos . TED talks are well known for being thought provoking, interesting, intelligent, and in many cases, inspiring and informative.

It is one of the best free course search engines. You search and find relative course available in various websites.  .

Khan Academy offers free YouTube-based video classes in math, science, technology, the humanities, and test preparation and study skills. If you’re looking to augment your education or just take a couple video classes in your spare time, it’s a great place to start and has a lot of interesting topics to offer. has a list of universities offering free and for-credit online classes to students and the public at large.

Academic Earth curates an amazing list of video seminars and classes from some of the world’s smartest minds, innovators, and leaders on a variety of topics including science, mathematics, politics, public policy, art, history, and more

CreateLIVE features a number of interactive courses in business, photography, and self-improvement, many of which are free and available to listen in on at any time of day.

Open Culture’s list of free online courses is broken down by subject matter and includes classes available on YouTube, iTunes U, and direct from the University or School’s website.

The Open Courseware Consortium is a collection of colleges and universities that have all agreed to use a similar platform to offer seminars and full classes-complete with notes, memos, examinations, and other documentation free on the web. They also maintain a great list of member schools around the world, so you can visit universities anywhere in the world and take the online classes they make available.

The University of Reddit is a crowd-built set of classes and seminars by Reddit users who have expertise to share. Topics range from computer science and programming to paleontology, narrative poetry, and Latin. Individuals interested in teaching classes regularly post to the University of Reddit subthread to gauge interest in future courses and announce when new modules are available.

The Lifehacker Night School is our own set of tutorials and classes that help you out with deep and intricate subjects like becoming a better photographer, building your own computer, or getting to know your network, among others.

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