Introduction to Windows 10 continuum windows next OS

 Microsoft next OS named as Windows 10 continuum.Tomorrow beta version of windows 10 will be released. Okay let start our journey to window’s new OS

Windows 10 expected to be a game changer for Microsoft. Which mix metro application into traditional Desktop. Windows 10 included with start menu which make big blame on windows 8 serious. And also Microsoft redesign this start menu with modern metro apps holding capacity.
Windows 10 also packed with multiple desktop. Which give obvious chose for people while full up their desktop with number of icons.
Now, Microsoft’s dream to make single operating system for all device come into real with windows 10.Windows 10
Packed with simple click option to switch over between touch as well as desktop version.This feature really helpful while you use 2 in 1 device such as Microsoft’s own surface, Lenovo’s Yuka serious and similar devices’.Microsoft expects this windows 10 version become super hero to restores his domination in the filed of pc as well as touch based devices.
Stay tune with as to get free download link for windows 10 beta version.

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