Windows 10 free download

Windows 10 continuum now available for download.You can now download either 32bit or 64bit for your computer.As it is beta version, lot of bugs and flaws will be there in the OS.

In this release Microsoft introduce windows insider programme. With Windows Insider Program, you’ll get all the latest Windows preview builds as soon as they’re available. This means you’ll be one of the first to experience the new ideas and concepts we’re building in Microsoft. As we early mentioned it is a beta version, so its recommend that to install this one as secondary OS, or use separate partition. Once you install it, you cannot downgrade to old one directly.You need to use recovery disc to back to your old OS (so, made a recovery disk before proceeding).
For downland windows 10,at first you need to join windows insider program, and then follow on site instructions. Enjoy new experiences with windows 10.
Download link:

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