Windows Phone 10 technical Preview with Nokia Lumia 520

Today, I successfully update my Nokia Lumia 520 into Window Phone 10. As it is Technical preview, it`s time to face lot bugs, Yes, I start facing bugs from the first day itself. But, Microsoft made great comeback with its new Phone OS. Very modern and Productive once its finalize. I just go through some of its new features like  new customized People App (Contact app in Windows Phone).

It’s pretty modern and resemble skype in its layout. And another cool app or IE killer Project spartan spotted in this release. My big disappoint laid on updated Cortana. It seems less eye candy than the  older one. And it does not work for me  :> . And it made little bit confusion over its UI, like accessing remind me features. Some of the basic thin, where I rely on some third party apps now back to parent app like Stop watch, timer, of course voice recording app. Which are updated or added similar to PC version. It seems that’s, Microsoft perfectly  merge PC Eco system into Phone.Obviously, you will encounter lot of bugs if you upgrade to this preview build. The very important problem that I face right now regarding unlocking device if its go stand by.It seems  to be very big problem for me.Till now I have only one way to rectify it, that nothing but traditional methodology `Removing Battery` and restart the phone. I just post this problem, in windows support forum, I hope Insha Allah I will get some tricks to slow this. The Second major  problem right now is, SIM card not detected. Actually for couple of hours phone works fine with SIM card only problem with unlock.But , now it also join party and made some trouble for me.So, no way to communicate via from phone. So, whoever willing try this preview build pls make that phone as a secondary one or you will face what I am right now facing. Lets as see some of the screenshots made my me in my Nokia Lumia 520. Some more pictures will update soon. 🙂

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