How to Insert games in your tweet @ twitter

Normally we share our views, photos, videos and even memo  in our twitter. In similar passion you can game alone your tweet, and its play out of the tweet. That`s pretty cool right.In this post i will show you to do this!

Inserting games is as easy as you think.You cannot attach all the game you love…like GTA V…that’s not possible,until otherwise you have Dos version of the game. You are right you can insert any Dos Game you wish from this  Archive Library of Dos games.Old gaming memory right back to stream with more fun. “OK…OK… How to do that, we were excited”. Fine! just insert specific game  URL from this library in your tweet, that’s it. 🙂
Library Link:
Library contain more than 2000+ games in its library to share include famous Prince of Persia ,Metal of honer, street fighter,PAC man, batman returns etc, have fun with this and comment below about your favorite one!

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