Windows 10 upcoming features and its preview videos

windows  new features

Microsoft`s Bulid 2015 conference packed with lot goodies and features for upcoming Windows 10 Operating system. There are lot consider to switch over to Microsoft`s upcoming Operating system.Until yesterday(30-04-2015), these features were unveiled by Microsoft which include

in depth view on Microsoft HoloLens, Cortana for Desktop,Microsoft Edge (Project Spartan), Ms Office support for third party apps, Android & iOS apps on windows ,continuum turn your phone to full features PC with Keyboard and mouse,Sand box production for all apps include desktop apps and finally Visual Studio Will Come to OS X and Linux For the First Time, for Free

For in depth view on Microsoft HoloLens please view my separate post

windows hololense


With the use of Microsoft`s new continuum features you can turn your mobile phone into full featured PC with the help of Keyboard and mouse

Cortana for Desktop

We are well aware about Microsoft own personal assistant cortana in windows phone. Now cortana available for laptop and PC to help you

Some of the new commends you can make in cortana right now lot may include in near further. New commends are:

  • Weather – “Seattle Weather”
  • Finance – “MSFT stock”
  • Dictionary – “define astounding”
  • Calculator – “48*92”
  • Flight Status – “UA 238”
  • Reference – “how tall is brad pitt”
  • Showtimes – “movies near me”
  • Tech Help – “memory in my computer”
  • Time Zone – “time in London”
  • Unit Conversion – “42 ft in meters”
  • Chit Chat – “tell me a joke”

Microsoft Edge (Project Spartan)

Microsoft unveiled it`s new browser previously code named Project Spartan. Now named as  Microsoft Edge, all new browser for your unique web experience 🙂

The Microsoft Edge brings a slew of new features and will be the primary browser built in Windows 10. The browser will come with Cortana support. Built-in features include reader, note-taking and sharing. Based rendering engine called Edge HTML, the new browser will offer a simple and minimalism design language. The browser is expected to support web extensions built via HTML and Javascript. Extensions built for Chrome can also be deployed on Edge with a few adjustments in codes.

Ms Office support for third party apps

Now Ms office support more third party apps ever before.It take it into a new level.Microsoft showed off plugins for the Office suite that work across all of their platforms. For example, the company demonstrated how you could request an Uber from Outlook and pick it up on your phone (even an iPhone) to see when your car would arrive, or check LinkedIn profiles from Outlook (Rapportive) without leaving the app. The plugins work across platforms, so when you open up Outlook on the web, or even your tablet, the same plugins you used on the desktop will work there as well.

Easily Port Android or iOS Apps to Windows

Developers Can Easily Port Android or iOS Apps to Windows.The company announced developer tools that will make it easy to re-use code from Android or iOS apps to make Windows applications. This ultimately a problem solver where Microsoft facing lot of problem for  gaining new apps for its app store.So, soon windows users get any app for their devices as quick as possible.Free Visual Studio Will Come to OS X and Linux For the First Time, which lead this process further more.

And further more Desktop Apps from the Windows Store Will Be Sandboxed to Keep Your System Clean.

All the Important Stuff Microsoft Announced at Build 2015 Today

Highlights of conference

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