Blackberry Windows 10 mobile | Is it possible?

Now, BlackBerry will be launching an Android-powered smartphone and it will be called Priv.What about windows 10 based smartphone from BlackBerry. BlackBerry has reportedly turned around and finally decided that making an Android smartphone wasn’t such a bad idea. BlackBerry CEO even mentioned that they supposed to building a secure Android handset.That`s make`s Priv codenamed venice see the sun light. Now,on other hand Microsoft revamped it`s mobile eco system with its brand new windows 10 mobile, where windows 10 for Computer get positive feedback, they prepare for it`s next big release Winodws 10 mobile. Yet, it`s preview Edition itself make positives reviews. Lot of smart phone manufacture wish to release their own Windows 10 Mobile based Smart Phone upcoming month. So, what about BlackBerry choice on this. The big difference between Android and Windows Phone is one is open source (as build on linux ), but other did not. And coming other things, windows 10 mobile also newbie and  they also struggle get their position on mobile ecosystem. Whats on your mind regarding Blackberry Win10 mobile.Feel free to post your comment below

balckberry win10

One response to “Blackberry Windows 10 mobile | Is it possible?

  1. The new code is going out to the fast ring, which implies that the build is likely a bit rough. (Microsoft lists the usual compendium of “known issues” in its release notes.) But what starts internal becomes fast ring, and then slow ring and, eventually, functional code for users.


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