Automatic Robotic Laundry Folding Machine

New innovation make our life easier than ever before.(It may make us lazy 🙂 ) Like washing machine, mixer, grinder etc.Still we have some boring stuff in our daily flow such as folding our cloth. You ever wish to have an machine to do this work.If yes, then your dream come alive keep read this article to know more about that machine and register for pre-booking!


  • Price

    FoldiMate Family







    ~12-18 months
    * Starting with paid reservations

  • Input

    Item Types

    FoldiMate will fold and treat most of your laundry (e.g. shirts, pants, towels).
    Except for large items like linen or small items like underwear or socks

    Clip Capacity

    ~15-20 items depending on size and feeding speed

  • Output

    Tray Capacity

    10-30 items depending on fabric thickness

    Output Size

    9”x11” (~23cm x 28cm); automatically adjustable

    Folding Method*

    We start with a neat, professionally looking fold
    * More methods will be available via FoldiMate’s “internet store”

  • Speed


    Under 5 seconds


    ~10 seconds per item


    ~20-30 seconds per item

  • Treatment(Optional)


    Reduce wrinkles but not ironing


    Perfume, softening, sanitization

  • Dimensions

    Size (WxHxD)*

    28”x32”x31” (71cm x 81cm x 79cm)
    * Average dryer/washer


    ~66 pound (30kg)

  • Connections


    Standard 110v – 240v


    Internet enabled

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