About me

In the name of Allah the most beneficent and the most merciful

Assalamu Alikum,

[May peace and blessing be upon you all]

My name is Mohamed Usman. I have just completed my B. Tech in Civil Engineering. And now, I am studying M.E Environmental Engineering. I have a lot interest towards science, technology, especially computer technology. So, I just start this site to share articles which I hope quite useful for most of the people. And also, I just post stories, video tutorial, tricks, software, reviews, games and photos. Recently, I have started i-learn video series a video lecture program, which basically aim to deliver lectures on specific topics. It is quite helpful to learn new thing without stress. Feel free to post your comments about my post. It will help me a lot to improve myself and the website.

«A site for learning new trends without any stress»

neotech4u.wordpress.com | neotech4u.weebly.com | http://www.mdus.webs.com

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